ServiceNow – Create Developer Instance

When working with ServiceNow from a development perspective, I find it helpful to create a developer instance. I then use it to query some sample data and also to send requests that create or update tickets. These requests can be handled in a number of ways based on the technology stacks I work with it tends to be Power Automate, PowerShell and Azure Automation along with custom apps that I am integrating.

This post will take you through the method of creating a ServiceNow developer instance, so that you can follow along with some of my other posts, or perhaps locate some processes from API Reference – REST or ServiceNow – Learn and go it alone.

Firstly, pop on over to the ServiceNow developer resources and choose Sign up and start building.

You will now be asked to sign up, so go ahead and do that …

Once you have signed up, verified your email address and then signed in, you will be presented by the ServiceNow Developer Agreement. Assuming you are happy to read that and to check the box to say you agree to their terms of service, let's proceed.

Now that you are signed in, the process of creating the developer instance couldn't be any more simple. All you have to do, is select Request Instance in the top right hand corner and the process kicks off.

On acceptance, ServiceNow make it really easy for you and all they mention "Keep your new instance active by developing on the instance or logging into the Developer Site. If your instance is inactive for 10 days, it will be reclaimed and released for other developers to use." They then provide you with instance URL, admin username & password.

All that is left is to click "Open Instance" and we now have a playground fully initiated that we can develop in. This process is of course what traditional ServiceNow developers will go through as and when they are creating workflows, forms and any other customisations as they see fit.

It is worth noting that now the instance has been stood up, the developer home page displays information on your instance on the home page. You will see below that I have the Paris release and it notifies you of your remaining activity so you can determine if you need to take action.

Thanks for reading, Alan