"IT Pro with a Sprinkle of DevOps"

Hi Everyone, my name is Alan, or AlanPs1 as I go by on Twitter. I am an IT professional specialising in Office 365, Exchange and other Microsoft Cloud technologies.

This blog exists for the following reasons.

  1. This platform allows Alan to share techy stuff with the IT community.
  2. When I find a blog or tutorial that has helped me, I like to pass some credit back with a back link and shout out.
  3. The blog itself serves as a journal and will document useful tasks and techniques that should be helpful to all sysadmins (new or established).
  4.  Some times I sit exams, so  I will document what I learn as I go so that it can be useful to others.

So What Inspired Me?

There were many factors but this tweet was the one that pushed me from the planning stage to the implementation stage. Essentially this gave me the motivation  to create this site and to start gathering some relevant content. Now that I have some, it will appear on the world wide web.

You will see the image below where the TechSnips.io twitter profile highlights a comment made on the PowerShell Slack Channel which plainly states this:

"To learn something, teach it"

As an eternal student who left a city based career for the love of all things technology and learning, this was to become my mission statement.

The Quest for Mastery

In addition to the above, when I bought Don Jones' book called "Be the Master" from Leanpub, again it alluded what I had known and thought all along. It highlighted that what I had learned from the PowerShell community, the Flow community and the tech community overall was them giving back and the right thing for any other to do was also to give back what they could offer. This started me on a journey of thinking how I could return the favour. Of course, when I am at work, if another needs help or information I am happy to oblige where possible but it means more than that. Blogging, or having a blog is the best way to document the written word and to showcase any relevant code, processes or techniques, so here I am doing just that.

Whilst I am based in the UK, PowerShell and Microsoft technologies are not, they have a US base and a global reach. With contributors from around the globe pitching in content suitable for beginners, intermediate through to advanced there's always a nugget out there that will help another, so here are mine. I shall look forward to interacting with the community via this blog and twitter for the foreseeable future.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for reading my content.

Best wishes,