New Emails between 10am & 11am move to Subfolder

Using Microsoft Outlook. If you have a need to receive an email, then to file it in a sub-folder based on 2 time parameters this method should do the trick.

Below I will demonstrate using the Flow trigger When a new email arrives then passing a condition that will return true if DateTimeReceived parameter is within the time constraint.

In Lehman's terms, if the email arrives between 10am & 11am it will be moved to the sub-folder. If not, it remains in the inbox.

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So you just want Flow running in business hours, 8am to 5pm

Here is a little helper I use when creating flows that I only want running during business hours only.


Let's say we generate an hourly email that goes to shared mailbox. There are times when this email is pointless after 6pm or before 8am (per say). There are times when there is no need to have this email outwith Monday to Friday so here is an easy way to handle that.

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