Flow: So Where has "Edit in advanced mode" Gone on Condition Actions

Below is an image of the new format for conditions in Flow. Look at the no code control we have here with real conditional logic. What in improvement and one I am sure the community and users will embrace overall. Well done to the Flow Team, one of several great improvements I am seeing on my Twitter time line just now.

Full detail at this link: Build more powerful conditions in flows and more

Image credit: https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/build-more-powerful-conditions-in-flows-and-more/

But with every high comes a low and it may be the case that you are following a blog post/tutorial that  has used some WDL in an expression to make up for the lack of functionality that today has been rectified for so many.

A blog post like Call Office 365 Service Communications API and Return New Service Health Notices – Part 3 which I created. The response has been more than I initially anticipated so all the more reason to cover this subtle change in terms of Flow implementation.

The Flow Forums are literally full of posts where WDL has been used to create a more complex condition in order to achieve a Flow Goal.

I spotted the ripple from this when Juraj posted here asking me the following:

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"Hi, thank you for this how-to, but I have a problem with creating a condition. There is no option to edit in advanced mode. Is it possible to create this condition in "basic mode"?"

In reply I have written:

From this link – Wednesday, February 6, 2019

"Enter your expression on the left side of the row. Then, select Equals to and enter true."

"Previously, you could select Edit in advanced mode and then enter the expressions in a text box. However, this old mode was difficult to work with as it did not give you access to IntelliSense for expressions or Dynamic content. There is no longer an Edit in advanced mode – instead if you want a very complex expression you can use the regular Dynamic Content expression builder to enter your expression on the left side of the row. Then, select Equals to and enter true in the right side."

So what used to be:

Has now become:

Hope this can be helpful to someone if those conditions aren't just what they were.

Note: Further helpful explanation can be found here. Thank you Fausto!


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