Flow: HTML Email Customisation with CSS

Back in part 8 – Call O365 Roadmap Web Service Weekly Digest you will see that we are generating the last 7 days worth of updates from the Microsoft 365 Roadmap and we are sending them as a weekly digest. The emails look like below:

I like them, they are well laid out and mostly readable but there are some values missing so once I got to adding them I realised the lay out and the styling required some thought. So now I am working with an output that looks like this:

Whether or not one is better than another is elementary in this post. I am going to show you the changes I had made in order to present the email in this way.

Here is a look at the relevant completed section now that the changes to the HTML & CSS have been made:

Note: The expressions and functions used within the body will be covered in the next post

The main change is that there are less inline style and the Send an email 2 action has full HTML markup, HTML, Head, Body, Style tags are used. It is possible to style the tables, and I have covered this in part 3 & part 4 of Create Office 365 Alerts Shared Mailbox from APIs. I have left an inline style in both the compose & Send an email 2 actions as it is entirely possible and practical to use inline style should you so desire.

I have created 4 simple classes, heading-font, grey-text, font-18 & font-bold. These are applied using inline span tags and allow nice manipulation of the text.

Colspan has been used also when formatting the table, All rows are colspan="4" except from the bottom row which maintains it's 4 columns and allows us to put the 4 values for Featured ID, Added to Roadmap, Last Modified & Tags in a single row.

Below is the exact code used:



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