Harness the Twitter API via flow to capture new tweets from @MSFT365Status – Part 6

In this post, we will now add an additional layer of visibility with the Office 365 Alerts Mailbox by monitoring tweets from @MSFT365Status.

Microsoft 365 Status only tweets relating to Service Incidents so having visability of these tweets within Outlook comes with many benefits.

Firstly you will need a Twitter account and to have created a connection for that account within Flow. We will use this to authenticate only, after that the email only contains Tweets from Microsoft 365 Status.

Here is the Flow:

It could not be simpler. There are templates for this also but I tend to start from blank and add When a new tweet is posted trigger.

Here is a snippet of the email subject & body.

Tweet | @{triggerBody()[‘UserDetails’][‘FullName’]} | @{formatDateTime(utcNow(),’dd/MM/yyyy | HH:mm’)}


Now you can make sure your inbox forwarding rule caters for the title of the email as demonstrated in part 1 and then it will route it’s way to the O365 Status folder.


Part 7 >>>

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